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Red Bank NJ

07-08-1982 - Red Bank NJ - USA
Big Man's West

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Asbury Park NJ
1. Ready Teddy avec Beaver Brown;
2. From Small Things Big Things Come avec Beaver Brown;
3. Jersey Girl avec Beaver Brown;
4. Lucille avec Beaver Brown;
5. Do You Wanna Dance? avec Beaver Brown;
6. Twist And Shout avec Beaver Brown;

Des paroles d'une nouvelle chanson de Bruce, "On The Prowl" durant "Lucille", paroles que l'on retrouvera dans Downbound Train ("Take that riff for me a little bit....bring it down....well, last night....I went to bed....I thought that everything was alright....but when I woke up in the morning....when I woke up in the, I had a dream....I had a dream.....your voice was crying, crying said you were so alone....I put on my jacket....I left the house....and then I ran through the hard as I could run....I felt my heart pounding....(?) in the trees..... there in the moonlight our wedding house shone....I rushed through the frontyard....I burst through the frontdoor....I rushed up the stairs....I went into our room....but, baby, the bed was empty, the bed was empty and I heard that lone whistle whine and then I knew I woke up this morning, Lucille was not in sight....")




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